Energy Efficiency

here are many ways we can help reduce running costs of most applications whether it be heating or cooling. By checking simple things like insulation and keeping certain areas closed off is all being well but there are other things which we can do to really make an impact:

New Controls:

By introducing new controls, usually wireless and digital, temperatures are read more precisely, so rather than your old stat having a 4 degree +/- tolerance the new controls have a 0.1 degree +/- tolerance. This will shut down your equipment sooner so costing less to run.
With technology ever evolving we can now offer systems which are controlled over the internet and on smart phones as an app. This giving you greater control of your heating whilst out of your home or office.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves:

TRV’s can be put on radiators to shut down at pre set temperatures, again helping the system to become more efficient. These can be manually set by hand, or we can get digital versions now which are pre set with times and temperatures and you can control each radiator remotely.

Power Flushing:

We can power flush your central heating again whether at home or in larger premises like offices. This can make a huge difference in operation temperatures, by clearing all muck and sludge out of your system temperatures will rise at the radiators and raising room temperatures to either shut down TRVs on the radiators or shutting off the room stat.

Dirt Separator:

Similar to a flush these are magnetic devices which pull in all contaminants which are heading to the boiler. They work in two ways by removing sludge and debris and they protect your boiler. Either way they help reduce costs on running and maintenance. We use a a product called Spirotech which has an exceptional build quality and works extremely well.

Heat Reclaim Fans:

These are mainly put in factories and warehouses. These are normally forgotten when installing a heating system but are vital especially in taller building. We have had examples of these successfully installed and saving the customer 35% on their gas bill. They work by bringing all the hot air which has risen to the apex of a building and bringing it back down to a level where it is used and felt.

Pipework Insulation:

If you have pipework in cold places it is worth putting insulation on it. This heat is better used in spaces where its needed rather than losing it areas where you don’t want it to go, such as lofts and plant rooms. It also helps protect pipes from any frost protection if it is at risk.

Weather Compensation:

This is a tool which hasn’t really been used much in this country but used widely in Europe. It makes your heating system intelligent to whats happening outside as much as inside. It will communicate to your heating system to how much heat is actually needed and running your system at a warmer or cooler temperature.