Unique Projects

Over the years we have had dozens of unique projects which others struggle to have the imagination to carry out. These have included cooling booths for spraying cans. Ducting warm air units to individual work bays using rigid or cloth/pvc ducting. Extracting fumes or heat, inlets of air or heat to booths etc.

If there is anything which is out of the ordinary we most likely have a way round it!

Oil Fired Boiler – Majorca 2020

One of our clients required a new model oil fired boiler at his residence abroad. He wanted a smooth install and the trust of our team to get the job done to the best standard.

He flew us out with our kit, knowledge and expertise to get the job done ready for the winter months. Up and running within three days with a better control design and remote monitoring and operation for when he is out of the country.

Hot Exhaust Gas Heat Generator

Hot Exhaust Gas Heat Generator